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Rat Rods

The popularity of vintage car restoration is timeless. As a result, the term Rat Rod has entered the language of American culture.

What is a rat rod? A rat rod is generally considered to be an early American vehicle which has been finished to look like it was built by a WWII era  hot-rod enthusiast.
Some of the common characteristics you will find
-No exterior top coat of paint, with either a layer of rust or exposed metal burnished
-For those that are painted, either primer or flat black finish is common
-There is little or no chrome
-The interior is unfinished, or unrestored.
Any well-used car or truck can qualify as a rat rod.
Vintage Ford cars and trucks are  the most common starting point for most rat rod project cars based on what people are looking for associated with the term "rat rod". Old rusty rides such as the Model A, and Model T are the most popular Ford models used for rat rod restoration.
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